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Campaign Overview About the Library Campaign  Goals Floor Plan

The Campaign will enable the Holderness Free Library to expand and meet the following needs in our community for years to come:
  • Accessibility to the Library for all. Presently, the library is not equipped for wheelchairs or those with limited mobility. The expansion will include a handicapped lift and an accessible entrance, bring the library into ADA compliance.
  • Technology Upgrades and High Speed Public Internet. Keeping pace with technology is an essential part of today’s library services. Investments in computers, upgraded wiring, iPad stations, cafe style plug in seating and fast internet connectivity will be available to all our patrons.
  • New Children’s Room. During peak times, the children’s room of the library is bursting at the seams and the demand is growing. The expansion will include spacious child and parent friendly areas filled with light and stocked with excellent reading, technology and educational materials.
  • Community Gathering Spaces. From a multi-media meeting room to relaxing outdoor patios to cozy spaces to settle in with a good book… the focus of the expansion is welcoming in our community.
  • Green Building and Energy Efficiency. Respecting our environment is key to our values. Therefore the building will include the most energy efficient systems available, upgrade outdated infrastructure where feasible and be a model for durable, efficient and sensible construction.
  • Fund for the Future Endowment. Through the establishment of this endowment fund, the library will have the means to fund future projects without drawing on taxpayer money. Examples of use of funds are:
     - Partnerships with schools and nonprofit organizations.
     - Future capital upgrades and maintenance of new building
     - Concert series that are free and open to the public
     - Investments in attracting and retaining top quality talent.
     - Workshop and classes focusing on the arts,