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We're Almost There!
But we still need a little more help!
Due to an increase in construction costs since the project was first planned, and the need for a new well to be drilled, we still need more donations. If you think you could give toward a good cause, you can pick up an envelope at the library or even just send a check. There is also still time for making a pledge!

Many thanks to those of you who have already donated so generously!

Donate online using a credit via PayPal

Campaign Overview About the Library Campaign  Goals Floor Plan
What will the Campaign accomplish?
There are two main objectives:
  1. Design, build and outfit an expansion for the library incorporating much needed modern upgrades such as handicapped accessibility; and renovate the current space, honoring the existing architectural features.
  2. Establish a Fund For the Future Endowment to invest in programs, educational materials, future capital needs, expansion of library services and community partnerships.